Growth Gamification


Because research shows that the key to motivating performance is meaningful progress in work that matters to you, we are relying on the Growth Gamification Protocol to ignite joy, engagement and creativity.

"No one else represents the Gamification-movement in Europe better than Engaginglab's CEO, Roman Rackwitz. Roman polarizes, is authentic, he thinks outside the box, is entertaining. A conversation with him is an inspiring pleasure. His point of views: puzzling but yet comprehensible."
Steven McAuley
AI Strategy Lead - Think Tank TinyBox.

Growth Gamification

Growth Gamification stands for a special school of thought for gamification. The playful behaviour of humans is part of their evolutionary biology. It is about ‚hunting for the better self‘, through challenges and personal progress. It is Gamification for the 21st century. Engaginglab is your Gamification agency.

Game Thinking

It is a mindset and stands for the knowledge that humans can often show remarkable behaviour when certain mechanisms (which can also be found in games, sports and hobbies) determine general conditions. It also determines our image of man.

Enterprise Gaming

What possibilities arise for an organization that allows Game Thinking? The Enterprise Gaming Matrix shows how every form and variation of gamification can be embedded in an organization.

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Growth Gamification

When playing, people chase their better selves. They want to get out smarter than they got in. Growth in Growth Gamification stands for the intrinsic desire for personal growth.

The Progress Principle

The Progress principle describes the hidden importance of progress. Small successes during the day are of huge importance in improving the work life of people, which in turn lead to higher productivity.

Behaviour Psychology

The effectiveness of the gamification discipline is largely based on behavioural psychology. It is therefore about more than simple entertainment or reward.

Principles of Gamification

There is a common denominator that connects all the activities that are carried out voluntarily, such as games, sports and hobbies. This forms the 5 principles of Growth Gamification.

Periodic Table of Gamification

The Periodic Table of Gamification contains a representation of the most common building blocks and also represents a proven gamification design process.

Growth Gamification Compass

Over a decade of work & experience led to learnings and ultimately to a tool to ensure the quality and sustainability of our work.

Our Service


Why, how and what can (Growth) Gamification do.


Analysing, evaluating and deciding on the programme.


Creating (Growth) Gamification content that works.

Business Model

What are the added values of Growth Gamification in your context?

Roll out

How to communicate and organize the implementation.


Adaptation and updating of the active gamification applications.


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