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Product Gamification

If you design entire products or services with gamification in mind, it's no longer "how do you create a better product?" but "how do you make a user better?"

Workplace Gamification

Similar to the game, we are also on the hunt for subjectively perceived progress at work. Similar to the game, we are also on the hunt for our 'better self' at work.

Marketing Gamification

Gamification in marketing aims to increase sales, increase profits, and improve the CLV. In the process, the customer journey 'unfolds' over time (also in the customer's mind). Properly balanced, this enables a sustainable Flow experience.

Education Gamification

Education with gamification means to put the learner in the optimal state to absorb new things and to internalize them directly. The focus is on the initial trigger, the learning content itself and especially the impact afterwards. Only this triology enables gamified learning.

Based on the work of the well-known gamification pioneer Roman Rackwitz

"No one represents the gamification movement in Europe better than Roman Rackwitz. Roman polarizes, is authentic, thinks outside the box, is entertaining. A conversation with him is an inspiring pleasure. His views: enigmatic yet comprehensible. Not without reason the leading gamification expert in the German-speaking world."
Steven McAuley
Enterprise Account Manager Google Cloud

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