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Gamification and Game-Thinking


You want employees who want to stay & get better

Of all the things that can boost inner work life, the most important is making progress in meaningful work. The power of progress is inherent in human nature, but few managers understand it or know how to use progress to increase motivation.


You want to be and remain the customer's preferred choice

Gamification can be used to shift the strategic focus of loyalty programs from handing out rewards to creating a rewarding experience. An experience like a shared journey that unfolds over time in front of you. Exploratively engaging rather than rewarding with discounts.

We are a globally recognized gamification consultancy that approaches gamification uniquely. Because we know better & execute for you. With us, you get...

Unique and valuable perspectives on the market

What is actually possible with gamification? What is proven, what is currently "state of the art" and what are the latest achievements?

The tools for sound and coherent applications

They want to make decisions they are convinced of and can justify. "We have deliberately chosen this solution for the reasons xyz:"

The ability to grasp all possibilities

What are the possible variations with gamification? What would be the alternatives? How can I make informed decisions and trade-offs?

The experience to avoid potential 'mines'

How do I avoid lengthy and expensive mistakes? Do I start with one or the other first? What do I prefer to do without?

Engaginglab GmbH
Crucial services in one place

We approach strategy with objectivity and empathy. Success lies in the details. Different situations and goals require appropriate tools. Strategy means to find out what you are working towards and which direction is target-oriented. Thanks to our analysis, you will know whether gamification, nudging, reward programs or similar are effective for you. We save you from time- and cost-intensive wrong decisions.

We know that motivation today can no longer be based on a simple, generic reward. The most effective way to create a noteworthy employee and user experience that leads to true loyalty and growth is to engage people differently. Not by offering something interchangeable at the end of the activity, but by harnessing what makes even games so intrinsically compelling: a Journey that unfolds before the user over time for them to "conquer."

Together, we'll capture the current state of your users' or employees' attention, intentions, and desires, and immerse your team in new areas of behavioral psychology to gain a comprehensive understanding of what it takes to drive engagement in today's landscape. You'll work with one of the most experienced, progressive, and situational gamification designers in the industry to find modern solutions to your biggest business challenges. You'll gain a wealth of actionable ideas and a solid strategic roadmap for how to build sustainable and engaging relationships with your target audience in your situation.

We are grateful to work with incredible clients.

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