Gamification services

From knowledge, to decision-making, to implementation support.

We help you to ensure that you don't choose gamification for the wrong reasons and, in the end, that you choose the right version of gamification. This way you avoid unnecessary costs, time investment and mistakes.

Not all situations are suitable for gamification. The success of gamification is therefore already determined by the conscious analysis and decision as to whether and, if so, which type of gamification should be used. Using the right tool for the wrong situation can be expensive.

Engaginglab GmbH has been serving clients for more than a decade to avoid disappointing consequences here and to make the use of gamification a success.

Whether it's using the appropriate gamification variables for the so-called 'job to be done', choosing the appropriate means related to users and context, or the effective use of fitting KPIs, feedback elements and mechanics, we have the proven methods so that you don't have to act 'randomly'.

In order not to lose sight of the game psychological application during the implementation of digital applications within the gamification project, we accompany the developing department or its agency of choice during the design process.

By their very nature, systems like gamification cannot be applications that always run the same way. The ability of people to get used to conditions and grow with them is too great here. So in order for the use of gamification to pay off in the long term, there are methods such as balancing and the like to be able to 'grow' with the users here. This kind of fine-tuning is one of the strengths we are known for.

Gamification & Behavioural Economics Subscription

from 3299 ,- / month

Minimum term of one quarter. Can be cancelled monthly thereafter

Phase 1

  • Verify existing, already identified potential
  • Zusätzliches Potenzial identifizieren
  • Identifying gamification champions

Phase 2

  • Project scoping
  • Strategy development
  • Blueprint development

Phase 3

  • The latest tools for gamification champions
  • Training & coaching for gamification champions
  • Project reviews


on request
  • Topic introduction
  • Potential analysis
  • Strategy
  • Roll-Out-Konzept
  • Implementation support
  • Onnboarding/Offboarding
  • Balancing


  • Topic introduction
  • Major potential analysis
  • Strategy

Topic introduction

  • Topic introduction
  • Small potential analysis

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